Are you the owner of a property and working as a landlord? You could be entitled to provide your tenant with a free boiler. For this to occur, you need to make sure that the tenant has receipts for the correct income benefits. If the tenant is in this situation then you can get the older boiler replaced. Let’s look at what this means, how it works, and why you should consider this possibility.

When Can This Occur?

For this to occur, the boiler in question needs to be in a certain condition. It could be more than eight years old or it might have a fault in how it operates. An operational fault is enough to ensure that you will qualify for a government grant and a full replacement boiler.

Who Pays?

You might be wondering who pays for the replacement if you, the landlord, aren’t footing the bill. Well, the non-repayable grants are actually in the control of the big six. These are EDF, British Gas, nPower, Scottish Power, SSE and EON.

In the wake of the new UK ECO scheme, or the Energy Companies Obligation, these businesses are being held accountable to fix and replace boilers for free. As well as this, they are required to add additional insulation to homes that are vulnerable or at risk.

This has actually already happened in millions of homes across the country. But millions more could still qualify, so it’s important to find out whether you can help your tenant. The initiative is part of the ‘Affordable Warmth’ section of the energy company obligation.

How Will You Benefit As A Landlord?

It’s easy to forget but as a landlord, you will benefit from this initiative as well. Ultimately, tenants will see lower energy bills thanks to a newer boiler that doesn’t have faults or problems. But you’ll also save thousands by replacing a boiler and getting a new one in your property.

Don’t forget, it is now illegal for you to ignore standard requests from tenants about improving a property which they are renting from you. So, if a boiler is about to fail in your property and it will need to be replaced, you should explore this ECO scheme. You need to look at whether you and your tenant qualify for it.

The benefits don’t stop there either. With the new boiler installed, you will improve the EPC rating of the property. Ultimately this means that your property will be more valuable if you ever decide to sell and more attractive to future tenants who rent it. Furthermore, the free boilers that are provided are all A-rated.

There is also a warranty on both the system and installation. So, if anything goes wrong, you will be completely covered.

So to sum up if you have a private tenant on income-related benefits with a main gas supply and the boiler is 8+ years old you will qualify for this scheme and you should explore the possibility. Income benefits including universal credit, income-related JSA, pension credits, working tax credits and child tax credits.