The best way to prevent losing heat from your home is with insulation. Almost every newly built home on the market today has cavity wall insulation, and not only is it because of heat loss, but it’s also because it’s a great way to increase how energy efficient your home is. Improving energy efficiency can also help to decrease your household utility bills.

Cavity wall insulation is worth over £1,000 and with it, you can cut your energy bills by half every year. Energy firms often offer cavity wall insulation for free with the right eligibility criteria, but you have to ensure that it’s right for your home.

Can I Get Cavity Wall Insulation For Free?

There have been government funded schemes that have previously been available where you’d need to be on tax credits or universal credit, but some of these schemes have changed over the years. However, with the ECO scheme, you could still get some help.

Tell Me About The ECO Scheme

The Energy Company Obligation is there to help those families on low incomes. Those who receive certain benefits can get help to reduce their bills, and if you meet the criteria, you could be eligible for a free cavity wall grant to warm your home.

Big energy companies are required – by the government – to help you to save money. The fastest way that this can be done is with new cavity wall insulation. You won’t be handed cash as a payout, but you can either get your insulation fitted completely free, or you can get a significant chunk paid off!

Do I Have Cavity Walls?

If you have a larger home that was built after the 1930s, then it’s likely that you do have cavity walls. The company that comes to assess your cavity wall insulation needs will check to see if you have the right walls and existing insulation before anything is decided about your installation.

Cavity walls are filled with insulating material, and energy suppliers can meet their energy targets faster with fewer costs, so it’s easier to get free insulation than other measures. It’s not just big old houses, either. Flats can have this type of insulation installed, but every single property in the building will have to give permission because of the size of the job.

Surveyors can advise you if you are having any damp issues in your property, as these will have to be solved before any insulation can be added.

Will Insulation Be Messy?

You won’t have to worry about the mess when you are installing cavity wall insulation. Here’s how it will work:

  • A technician will drill 2cm holes into the outer wall of your property before injecting it with either bead or fibre cavity insulation. The cavity fills up until they match the existing wall.

What Next?

Giving Green Improvements a call today could help you to see that you could benefit from cavity wall insulation.